Aisle Seat with Julie Schuster

Aisle Seat with Julie Schuster is a weekly thematic radio program that incorporates songs from Broadway, film scores, opera, and classical music.

American Gospel with Maria A. Ellis

American Gospel is a weekly program hosted by Maria A. Ellis, the conductor of The Sheldon’s All-Star Chorus.

Bach and Beyoncé with Maria Ellis

Bach & Beyoncé is a weekly program connecting classical music with multiple genres of today’s popular music, hosted by conductor and musician Maria A. Ellis.

Diary of a Musician with Leon Burke

Diary of a Musician is a weekly radio program featuring classical music connected to experiences from host Leon Burke’s life and long career as a musician, singer, and conductor.

Friday Morning with the Arts with Gavriel Savit

Friday Morning with the Arts is focused on the artists and arts organizations in our community. Hear discussions about upcoming performances, exhibitions, events, and more.

Inside Classical Guitar with W. Mark Akin

Inside Classical Guitar is a weekly radio program featuring classical guitar music, hosted by W. Mark Akin, teacher of applied music, guitar at Washington University in St. Louis.

Soul Jazz Serenade with Andy Coco

Soul Jazz Serenade is a weekly program focused on instrumental and vocal jazz rooted in funk, rhythm & blues, and soul music, hosted by Andy Coco, a local musician and founder of Dogtown Records.

Re-Choired Listening with Philip Barnes

Re-Choired Listening is a weekly radio program that brings you the best in choral music from St. Louis and around the world, hosted by Philip Barnes, Artistic Director of the St. Louis Chamber Chorus and educator at John Burroughs School.

The Slatkin Shuffle

The Slatkin Shuffle…produced at Classic 107.3! Join host Leonard Slatkin as he plays random selections from the nearly 10,000 tracks on his iPad and shares anecdotes about the eclectic collection of songs in his playlist.

Tango with Cally

Tango with Cally is a weekly radio program hosted by St. Louis Symphony Orchestra musician Cally Banham. She shares tango recordings from the late 1920s to today, along with stories about the history and culture of Tango music and dance.

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