Listen Live

Listen to Classic 107.3 in the St. Louis Area on an FM Radio

Tune in at 107.3FM to hear Classic 107.3 – The Voice for the Arts in St. Louis

Listen to Classic 107.3 in the Greater St. Louis Area on an HD Radio

Tune in to WFUN 96.3-HD2 on an HD radio to hear Classic 107.3 in the greater St. Louis area.

Listen to Classic 107.3 on a Computer or Mobile Device Using a Browser

Listen on a computer or mobile device by visiting our website at and selecting the LISTEN button at the top of the page.

Listen to Classic 107.3 on a Mobile Device (Phone or Tablet)

Listen to our one-of-a-kind radio station committed to providing outstanding programming in support of the St. Louis arts community on your mobile device. See what we’ve recently played, hear recent interviews, connect with hosts, send us a voice message, and more! 

Download the Classic 107.3 app from the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play here.

Listen to Classic 107.3 on an Alexa Device

Don’t Play… Start, Run, or Launch to listen with the Classic 107.3 Alexa Skill!*
Do you have an Alexa device? You can stream Classic 107.3 and listen to your favorite music while you’re getting dinner ready in the kitchen. Simply say, “Alexa start one oh seven point three.” It’s a whole new way to listen to The Voice for the Arts in St. Louis.

What is an Alexa skill?
Amazon’s voice service is called Alexa. Much like your phone has an “app,” your Amazon devices (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap, Echo Show, etc.) have skills. Users interact with their Alexa-enabled devices via skills.
+ Skills can be ‘default’ – meaning they come pre-enabled on your Alexa device, or they can be ‘custom.’ Custom skills are searchable in the Alexa Skills Store and offer a more robust feature set.

Are Custom Alexa Skills free for Alexa users?
+ Yes, custom Alexa skills are free for users to enable and interact with on their Alexa-enabled devices.

How do I enable the custom Alexa skill for Classic 107.3?
You have three ways to enable the Classic 107.3 skill:
+ Search for Classic 107.3 or (more specifically) go to and search for Classic 107.3 and enable it. (Amazon Classic 107.3 Skill)
+ Open the Alexa companion app “Amazon Alexa” on your mobile device, search for the Classic 107.3 skill, and click to enable it.
+ Say “Alexa, enable Classic one oh seven point three skill”.

Once my skill is enabled, how do I use it?
*If you say “Alexa, play Classic 107.3″, you will likely open the TuneIn skill. If you want the Classic 107.3 skill to open, giving you access to the live stream, make sure to say “Alexa, launch Classic 107.3″ or Alexa, start Classic 107.3 or Alexa run Classic 107.3″

If you have questions or comments about our listening options, please let us know.