Musical Ancestries™ is a program designed to teach school-aged children about their musical and cultural heritage. This episode is devoted to the instruments, music, and storytelling traditions of West Africa, highlighting the countries of Guinea, Mali, Benin, and Ghana. Listeners travel with characters Akisha and her Nana through West Africa as they visit musicians, explore traditional instruments and discover the value of Akisha’s musical roots. Each area the pair visits brings different “colors” to music that is as diverse as the African landscape itself, yet resonates with the pride of their ancestry.

Incorporated into the Prezi presentation below are visual images, maps, audio clips, text and hands-on activities that students, teachers and parents can use to enhance their learning experience. (For help navigating Prezi, click here.) In addition, an audio recording of the radio broadcast, the full script for the broadcast, and a list of related resources in the community can be accessed through the content boxes on this page. The See It, Hear It, Do It format fully engages the child in learning.

Musical Ancestries™ is made possible through a grant from the PNC Foundation through PNC Arts Alive, a multi-year initiative dedicated to supporting visual and performing arts.

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