Musical Ancestries™ is a program created to inspire school-aged children to explore their musical and cultural heritage and develop an appreciation for others’ traditions. It is designed to create a pathway to understanding and acceptance as children explore the great diversity of our community.

This episode is devoted to the instruments, music, and traditions of India. Listeners meet 10-year-old twin sister and brother, Chandra and Nitesh, and their mother Deepa. The trio travels to India, where Deepa was born, so that the twins can learn more about their Indian musical heritage from Uncle Nihal, a well-respected musician in Mumbai. Thus begins an exciting adventure as the family experiences performances and explores Indian music, dance, and culture.

The resources below include an audio recording of the radio broadcast, the full script for the broadcast, a list of related resources in the community, and lesson prompts that can be accessed through the content boxes on this page. Incorporated into the Prezi presentation below are visual images, maps, audio clips, text and hands-on activities that students, teachers and parents can use to enhance their learning experience. In addition, the See It, Hear It, Do It format fully engages the child in learning. National Standards addressed are noted in their section of the Prezi presentation.

This episode is made possible in part by Dances of India.

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