Muny Post-Show Conversations

Muny Post-Show Conversation for July 25th

A delicious comedy for the heart of summer! Little Shop of Horrors is a campy thriller that follows meek floral assistant Seymour on his quest to win over the love of his life, Audrey. A total eclipse of the sun and a scheming man-eating plant threatens his dr/eam and takes

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Recent Conversations

August 10: Anastacia McCleskey – Hear from Anastacia McCleskey, who portrays Joanne Jefferson in Rent, about why she she’s such a fan of the show (representation matters!) and the message at the heart of this musical.

August 9Lincoln Clauss and Vincent Kempski – Hear from Lincoln Clauss and Vincent Kempski, who portray Mark Cohen and Roger Davis in Rent, about how they first became aware of this iconic musical, what new (and old) skills they bring to their roles, what’s been special about this cast, and more.

About Gavriel & Julie

Gavriel comes from a family of musicians. He studied the violin privately for fifteen years, playing in orchestras and singing in choirs before earning a BFA in musical theatre from the world’s premier program at the University of Michigan. After college, he moved to New York City where he performed both on and off-Broadway as well as on stages across the US and around the world. In addition to his work in broadcast and performance, Gavriel is also an award-winning novelist whose work has appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list and has been translated into nineteen languages.

Julie joined the staff of Classic 107.3 about six months after the station went on the air as a volunteer weekend host. In her new role she’s dealing with more budgets than Brahms, but she can still be heard on the airwaves with Aisle Seat, a themed blend of classical, Broadway, and other genres that she produces and airs on Sunday afternoons at 5pm. (Find all the episodes here on SoundCloud.) Julie has served on the board of the Artist Presentation Society, the Ladue Education Foundation, and the Missouri Chamber Music Festival. She sings show tunes in her car and is currently learning Portuguese.