Re-Choired Listening is a weekly radio program that brings you the best in choral music from St. Louis and around the world, hosted by Philip Barnes.

This week: Non-Christian Requiems

About Philip Barnes: A native of Great Britain, Philip Barnes was a boy chorister at an early age, and as an adult sang with the cathedral choirs of Bristol, Hereford, and Wells. He studied at Bristol University (classics) and King’s College in London (education); while there, he sang with numerous choruses, notably St. Margaret’s – Westminster Abbey, the Consort of St. Martin’s-in-the-fields, the Chapel Choir of the Tower of London, and was a frequent deputy at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

In 1988, he left London for St. Louis, where he was invited to chair the faculty of the Classics Department at John Burroughs School. Soon after his arrival in St. Louis, he was appointed assistant choirmaster at Christ Church Cathedral, and also sang in the choir at Temple Shaare Emeth. Since then he has also sung with the choirs of St. Peter’s in Ladue and several other churches, and for three years served as choirmaster of Holy Communion Church in University City. Since 2016 he has served as Director of Music at Third Baptist Church, located in St. Louis’s Grand Center.

In 1989, Mr. Barnes was invited to direct the St. Louis Chamber Chorus, becoming only its fourth artistic director since the foundation of the choir in 1956. Mr. Barnes’s tenure with the Chamber Chorus has been marked by continual growth, both artistically and in terms of organization. The group has established itself as the leading chamber choir of the region, and received numerous plaudits from the press and media. The Chorus has embraced the literature written for unaccompanied choir, and has ensured that St. Louis audiences have regular access to the masterpieces of the repertoire, from the Renaissance to the Romantic period, and thence to the present day. Mr. Barnes has led the choir in the performance of more than 1300 works. No other choir in the Midwest, and few anywhere beyond our region, can boast such a broad repertoire of music from many periods and lands, performed in the original language and to the highest musical standards.