Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
12am (to 6am) Classical Music
6am (to 10am) Jim Doyle Kathy Lawton Brown Public Service
7am Julie Schuster
10am (to 2pm) Kathy Lawton Brown
11am Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts
12pm Opera at Noon
1pm Sunday Matinee
2pm (to 6pm) Tom Sudholt
3pm Classical Music
4pm Slatkin Shuffle
5pm Something Spoken
6pm Exploring Music with Bill McLaughlin Classical Music Living American Composers
7pm Inside Classical Guitar Slatkin Shuffle Re-Choired Listening The Chamber At Home Concierto Somethin’ Else Fiesta!
8pm San Francisco Symphony Collector’s Corner Chicago Symphony The Jazz Collective New York Philharmonic
9pm LA Philharmonic At the Crossroads Blues
10pm Friday Night Pops Slatkin Shuffle Re-Choired Listening
11pm Classical Music Inside Classical Guitar Classical Music

Stardate 6:20am & 3:20pm
Ladue News Minute 7:40am & 5:40pm
Notable @ 9 9am Mon-Thu
Friday Morning w/Arts 9am Fridays