Musical Ancestries Partnership Schools/Teachers

Musical Ancestries is all about building community and helping children celebrate their own musical and cultural heritage and understand and appreciate the traditions of others.  In doing so, we hope to inspire students and instill pride and confidence that leads to a pathway of understanding and acceptance. 

While there are many educators and parents engaged in Musical Ancestries, specific Teacher/School Partnerships with Classic 107.3 bring the education community together in an effort to share these important resources. 

2021 Musical Ancestries Partners 

Eugene Harper, Washington Elementary School, Normandy Schools Collaborative 

Suzanne Palmer, Jefferson Elemiddle School, Normandy Schools Collaborative 

Annette Silver-Betts, Kennard Classical Junior Academy, St. Louis Public Schools  

2021-2022 Musical Ancestries Partners 

Alice Brod, Combs Elementary, Ferguson-Florissant School District 

Jennifer Doermer, Mullanphy Investigative Learning Center, St. Louis Public Schools 

Suzanne Palmer, Jefferson Elemiddle School, Normandy Schools Collaborative 

Larissa Young, Larimore Elementary, Hazelwood School District 

For information on the benefits and process for becoming a Musical Ancestries Partnership Teacher/School/District, please contact Carol Commerford at: