Musical Ancestries: Bosnia

Additional Resources…Explore our Community!

This list of organizations in the St. Louis region, and beyond, is provided to encourage further study and experiences in the music and culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Enjoy our local treasures!


Center for Bosnian Studies at Fontbonne University

The Center for Bosnian Studies is currently involved in four major lines of activity. Fontbonne faculty, staff, and students collaborate with members of St. Louis’ Bosnian community to:

  • Record interviews of Bosnian genocide survivors and their relatives;
  • Collect books, letters, and photographs that reflect the culture and experiences of Bosnians;
  • Host events that raise awareness about the experiences and identity of St. Louis’ Bosnian population;
  • Develop academic programming that promotes understanding of Bosnia, Bosnians, and Bosnian-Americans.


The Bosnia Memory Project-Fontbonne University

The Bosnia Memory Project at Fontbonne University is dedicated to establishing an enduring record of Bosnian genocide survivors, especially those living in metropolitan St. Louis.



6800 Wydown Boulevard • St. Louis, MO 63105

Website Address:

Phone: 314-889-4553


St. Louis Bosnians, Inc.

Advocates on behalf of Bosnian community through educational, cultural, and relief programs in an effort to foster better understanding of Bosnian community and other communities.

Website Address:

Phone: 314-669-1584


WEW 770 AM is a World Ethnic radio station serving St. Louis. Owned and operated by Birach Broadcasting. The voice for the many ethnic communities in the St. Louis area including the Bosnian population.


Voice of West Bosnia

10:00 am – Noon…with various hosts


Radio Behar Bosnian Show

5:00 pm – Signoff… Music, news and conversation for the enjoyment and feeling of home for the growing Bosnian population in St. Louis.  Hosts: Mohammed and Maurat.


Local Bosnian Author: Azim Mujakic (Books available on

Life to Love/Zivot Je Da Se Vol

Never Throw Stones at God, (Illustrator, Rifet Obic)