Show Notes

Mike Isaacson, the Artistic Director and Executive Producer of The Muny, and Michael Baxter, Artistic Associate of The Muny, sit down for a concluding conversation about the audition process. We discuss the 2020 casting results and what happens going forward, plus speculate about how auditions might change due to the pandemic. Mike and Michael share the unique roles that each of them play during The Muny auditions, as well as their favorite thing about auditions and their three words to describe The Muny.

“Fear is pointless and let’s get it out of the room. It just gets in the way.” – Mike Isaacson

Topic Cues

  • A huge leap into the unknown [1:38]
  • Now facing a unique situation [2:23]
  • Artists need a deadline [3:59]
  • C, All of the above [5:51]
  • It could not have gone better [6:45]
  • The worst Pippin in the history of American musical theatre [8:31]
  • He can see talent beyond the audition [12:08]
  • From the moment someone first walks through the door [12:50] Quote section!
  • They end up on our stage doing great, great work [17:40]
  • Thoughts about next year? [19:28]
  • The role of video auditions [20:31]
  • Three words to describe The Muny [21:09]
  • Mike sings “Corner of the Sky” (not really) [22:09]


Music used in this podcast:

Saturday Afternoon (ID 791) – Lobo Loco
Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd)

Frederick Chopin's Piano Concerto #2 In F Minor, Op. 21, II. Larghetto

~ Mike Isaacson’s favorite piece of classical music ~

Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune

~ Michael Baxter’s favorite piece of classical music ~