Show Notes

Meet Spencer Donovan Jones, native St. Louisan and Muny Teen who is a veteran – at 15 – of ten shows at the Muny and a national tour of The King and I. We talk about his first Muny Kid audition at the tender age of seven, the close bonds of the Muny Kids and Teens, and how Muny auditions are different from others. Spencer shares what he’s been working on during the summer (teaching himself guitar, among other things) and tells us about some of his future projects. We’ll also learn how Spencer prepares for auditions and his best audition advice.

“The entire time you’re there, you’re representing yourself.” – Spencer Donovan Jones

Topic Cues

  • An eventful 15 years [1:23]
  • Spencer’s first Muny Kids audition [2:08]
  • Suddenly he’s getting national tours [2:57]
  • You’re not guaranteed a spot [3:51]
  • There are a LOT of kids [4:09]
  • Getting to know you… [4:26]
  • How are Muny Teen auditions different from Muny Kids auditions? [6:00]
  • The way Spencer prepares for auditions [6:47]
  • The Muny audition atmosphere  [7:28]
  • …As opposed to New York [7:59]
  • Self-described self tapes perfectionist [9:15]
  • Demon barbers and dancing [9:58]
  • Every show is different [10:11]
  • Instrumental auditions [11:10]
  • Enjoyable and stressful [11:59]
  • Spencer’s best audition story [12:42]
  • And his best audition advice [13:50] Quote section!
  • Performances during the pandemic [14:30]
  • Checking in on upcoming projects [16:04]
  • Three words to describe The Muny [17:54]
  • Spencer’s favorite Muny shows [18:40]
  • Last words of wisdom [19:20]

Music used in this podcast:

Saturday Afternoon (ID 791) – Lobo Loco
Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd)

Antonio Vivaldi

~ Spencer Donovan Jones’s favorite classical music composer ~

“My favorite pieces that I’ve played on my violin are the Vivaldi pieces.”