Show Notes

Meet April Strelinger, native St. Louisan and local actor who has performed at The Muny and other local theatres. In our conversation, we discuss April’s experience with The Muny and what makes the theatre such a wonderful place, from its unique challenges to that fabled Muny Magic. April shares how she prepares for auditions, including how she deals with nerves and practices self-care, and we hear her best audition story. We learn why it was so special for April to get that first Muny role and she passes along her best audition advice. She takes us through the process from casting to first rehearsal, discusses what makes The Muny special (back to that Muny Magic), and wraps up with three words to describe The Muny.

“I’m continually working on myself.” – April Strelinger

Topic Cues

  • April’s background [1:24]
  • For all her fellow St. Louisans…what high school did she go to? [1.31]
  • Muny family tradition [2:01]
  • April’s first show at The Muny [2:32]
  • What is The Muny “atmosphere”? [3:14]
  • Her biggest audience [4:05]
  • What are the special challenges of performing at The Muny? [5:39]
  • Muny costume designers are amazing [7:25]
  • How does April prepare for an audition? [8:50]
  • Working with a vocal coach [10:34]
  • Dealing with stress and nerves [11:56] Quote section!
  • April’s best audition story [13:29]
  • Sondheim and Hammerstein [15:58]
  • April…will never be a nun (except she will) [16:10]
  • Biggest change in Muny auditions?  [16:55]
  • April’s best audition advice [17:55]
  • Thr first time The Muny called [18:47]
  • What happens between the call and the start of rehearsals? [19:59]
  • What’s different about being in a Muny show? [22:54]
  • Weather heartbreak [25:43]
  • Muny Magic is real [26:26]
  • Three words [26:33]

Music used in this podcast:

Saturday Afternoon (ID 791) – Lobo Loco
Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd)

Sadness in Life: Offertory Recordare
Sung by the Benedictine Nuns of Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation, Le Barroux

George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue

~ April Strelinger’s favorite piece of classical music ~

“I love the breadth of the piece and it was my ‘something blue’ at my wedding. I walked down the aisle to that opening clarinet glissando and the first part of the song!”