Show Notes

Meet Julie Hanson, a local actor who has been in several Muny productions as well as on Broadway. We talk about how Julie prepares for an audition and she shares her craziest audition story – a good lesson about never knowing where an opportunity might lead. We discuss how Muny auditions differ, and what happens after you’re cast in a show. Julie offers audition advice and we wrap up with “three words that describe The Muny”.

“Just look at it as a chance to grow, and learn, and put yourself out there.” – Julie Hanson

Topic Cues

  • Julie’s background [1:25]
  • When did the acting bug bite? [1:43]
  • How Julie prepares for an audition [2:18]
  • Julie’s “Craziest” Audition Story: or, How to Change Cosette into Christine [3:21]
  • Her first professional jobs [6:00]
  • Describe life on tour [6:36]
  • What sets Muny auditions apart? [7:15]
  • Playing to your strengths… [9:08]
  • And surprising them as well [9:53]
  • What will she be playing this summer? [10:26]
  • Julie’s first audition for The Muny [11:14]
  • Handling unexpected audition requests [12:30]
  • Julie would rather have more time to prepare, thank you [13:17]
  • Is being cast in a show still a thrill?  [13:50]
  • What happens after you’re cast? [14:08]
  • What’s that first day like? [15:13]
  • Being shot out of a cannon [15:19]
  • Do you have any contact with fellow cast members ahead of time? [15:46]
  • Julie’s best pieces of audition advice [16:12] Quote section!
  • What three words would Julie use to describe The Muny? [17:01]
  • Too darn hot [17:18]
  • Tougher than Broadway [18:31]

Music used in this podcast:

Saturday Afternoon (ID 791) – Lobo Loco
Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

~ Julie Hanson’s favorite classical music composer ~

“I love his Requiem and sang a lot of his operatic and other choral works in college.”