Show Notes

Greet Michael Baxter, the Artistic Associate of The Muny, and the gatekeeper when it comes to Muny auditions. In our second conversation, we revisit Michael’s Muny auditions, then talk about how the February audition weekend went (huge numbers!). We discuss how the auditions for Muny kids and teens differ from regular auditions, then move on to what’s happening now (mid-February) in the audition process and what’s coming next. Michael shares some of the complex logistics involved in auditions and the role of each show’s director, musical director, and choreographer in casting. We wrap up with how good news gets shared and Michael’s favorite thing about auditions.

“We make art for a living and we’re really proud of that.” – Michael Baxter

Topic Cues

  • Michael’s first auditions at the Muny [1:51]
  • Michael must be exhausted… [3:52]
  • 840 auditionees in one day! [4:02]
  • Was The Muny able to accomplish the goal of seeing everyone with those numbers [5:03]
  • Tell me about the talent… [6:13]
  • Michael shares some moments from the auditions [8:02]
  • Muny Kids and Teens auditions [9:35]
  • Has the wind changed (Mary Poppins reference) [12:12]
  • What’s happening now? [12:38]
  • Taking care of talent from auditions all the way through [14:44]
  • Does Michael make offers over the phone? [15:03]
  • Is there urgency to secure the talent? [15:53]
  • Logistics, logistics, logistics [16:32]
  • What’s next in the process [17:12]
  • How involved are the directors, music directors, and choreographers at this point? [18:41]
  • Constant conversation and collaboration in the casting process [20:07]
  • Does the cast connect before the show? [21:38]
  • Were they waiting by the phone? [22:57]
  • And the first phone call was… [23:24]
  • Dance break! [24:03]
  • What Michael loves about the audition process [24:11] Quote section!


Music used in this podcast:

Saturday Afternoon (ID 791) – Lobo Loco
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Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune

~ Michael Baxter’s favorite piece of classical music ~